The Pamor is the original family style from our pendekar Raden Panji Setiosoeprapto (alias A.D. Nelson, better known as Oom Dave for his students). The Pamor is a style from an old royal Indonesian family from the Majapahit era in the line of Prabu Stri Suhita. Through the centuries this style has been further developed and passed on. In 1941 Oom Dave was appointed by his uncles, Raden Widikdo and Raden Panji Bentung, as the heir (kepala aliran) of the Pamor. In turn, on July 4, 2020, oom Dave appointed Marlon Tsie and Johann Ticoalu as his heirs (kepala aliran) of the Pamor.

The word Pamor is often solely associated with the structures which are visible on the kris. But the word has a much broader meaning; besides structure it also means face, figure, drawing etc. The old Javanese word ‘pamor’ comprises a lot. The Pamor involves several faces, which helps to live in friendship, brotherhood and peace in society. The art is to use destructive techniques not to fight and to deescalate aggressive, threatening situations to live in harmony with others.

The Pamor is often confused with the Pamur. The Pamur is a more modern Pencak Silat style from Madura. Pamur stands for Pencak Silat Angkatan Muda Rasio and is established in 1951 in Pamekasan by Raden Hasan Habudin, a distant cousin of Oom Dave.

The regular uniform of the Pamor consists of a black suit and a white belt. The official uniform consists of a white jacket and black trousers.The color black symbolizes the truth and white symbolizes purity.