Kepala Aliran / Pendekar Utama of Pencak Silat Pamor Badai appoints his successors

Saturday July 4, 2020 in Diemen, the Netherlands the current Kepala Aliran and Pendekar Utama of pencak silat Pamor Badai, Raden Panji Setiosoeprapto (better known as uncle Dave among his students) has transferred his position to his successors Marlon Tsie and Johann Ticoalu. Marlon and Johann were the head instructors of Pencak Silat Pamor Badai and were already responsible for the training.

Uncle Dave was selected in 1941 by his uncles Raden Widikdo and Raden Panji Bentung to be the heir of his family’s pencak silat style called Pamor. He later migrated to the Netherlands and in 1964 he occasionally taught pencak silat, making him the first in his family to spread the Pamor style outside the family circle. Finally, in 1973 he officially started teaching pencak silat in Diemen, the Netherlands and in 1989 he officially registered the pencak silat club Pamor Badai. Additionally he was recognised as Pendekar in 1969 by IPSI and in 1993 by Persilat.

Transfer ceremony

On July 4, 2020, a new chapter in the history of Pencak Silat Pamor Badai began. Uncle Dave appointed his successors as Kepala Aliran and Pendekar Utama of Pencak Silat Pamor Badai. This was done through a traditional Indonesian ceremony in which Uncle Dave transferred his position as Kepala Aliran and Pendekar Utama to Marlon Tsie and Johann Ticoalu. From now on they are responsible for Pencak Silat Pamor Badai and their main task is to preserve, protect and further develop Pencak Silat Pamor Badai. It is the first time in the history of the Pamor style that the style has been led by people outside the family.

The transfer ceremony included the signing of a deed of transfer and succession by uncle Dave, Marlon, Johann and the witnesses Wim Keyner, chairman of Pencak Silat Pamor Badai and Olivier Blancquaert, chairman of the NPSF. The third witness Don Kessing, member of the council of elders of the NPSF (Dewan Sesepuh) will sign on a later date due to the COVID-19 circumstances. After this uncle Dave gave his blessings to Marlon and Johann and this was followed by a ceremonial and symbolic transfer of a sarong, a small bag of rice and a keris. With the appointment of his successors, uncle Dave wants to guarantee the continuity of Pencak Silat Pamor Badai and wishes to secure the style for future generations.

Honorary membership NPSF

After the transfer ceremony, uncle Dave received the honorary membership of the NPSF from Olivier Blancquaert (chairman of the NPSF). He received this honor for his contribution and dedication to the development of pencak silat in the Netherlands.

Pictures of the event are displayed here.